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A comprehensive Korean learning experience for those who want to learn and connect with others.

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What Essential Korean Offers

A holistic curriculum that integrates all the content you would find with Targets, our courses take you from the most basic greetings to advanced grammatical concepts, guiding you step by step to advanced proficiency.


Lessons include:

  • story-based conversations with videos

  • extensive grammar explanations, interactive quizzes, drills, and worksheets

  • thematic vocabulary lists and flashcard sets

  • a comprehensive end-of-course test to earn a certificate

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Targets contain the same content as courses but are divided into five categories, Phrases, Conversations, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Han'Geul 한글, for learners to target their individual needs efficiently. Make use of the organization to your advantage!

Why Study With Essential Korean



With two decades of experience teaching Korean at university, I understand what students need when learning the language and the role of a teacher in that process. Our podcast, courses, and resources reflect that understanding and our uncompromised commitment to responsible teaching.



The overwhelming amount of material for learning Korean on the Internet makes it hard to know how to plan your learning. Through thoughtful organization and presentation of our content, we help you target your needs and goals as you become a confident speaker of Korean.



Learning Korean can and should be fun. From having those "aha" moments when you finally get difficult grammar concepts to applying what you learn to connect with the people and the culture, our robust beginner-level program means you can get to that point quickly and with ease.

The Essential Korean Podcast


Practice Korean in context with Teacher Kay.

And Review with Lesson Recaps and Exercises!

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I've been studying Korean for about 10 months and have used both free and paid online resources. While there are a lot of online learning opportunities, Essential Korean is the only resource I've found that provides the repetitive drilling and testing that I need to make sure I've learned something.

– Georgeann, EK Subscriber

Let's begin learning Korean with some basic phrases.