Can't access a course? Refresh not working? Here is a list of troubleshooting tips as we work to fix these on our website during our pilot testing.

1) Refreshing the page within a course often results in a blank screen.

  • Refreshing/reloading will not restore the page, so the only way to get back to where you were is to click the back button and go to the specific course from the course page or open it in another tab. Note that you'll lose your progress with the sections you've pressed "Continue" on.

2) Clicking "Continue" doesn't register the section as completed in the progress bar.

  • As frustrating as it is, there isn't a way to solve this if the error appears– we're currently working on fixing it, so apologies!

3) The course I want to access says "Request to Join"– when can I join it?

  • If any course says "Request to Join", it means the content is still being worked on. Though you can technically request, it's easier if you just wait for the course to open itself up without admin input. Don't worry: courses are finished weekly, and we promise the wait will be moderate at most!

4) I don't see anything when I go into a page (i.e. Vocabulary 1, Course 1)... all I see is a blank screen!

  • Simply click the back button or close the tab, and then reenter the page. This should work and the problem will be permanently fixed.

We're constantly making changes to the site so that this troubleshooting page doesn't get too long. If you find a technical error that isn't here (or a grammatical error/typo), please contact us through the chatbox in the bottom right corner ("Hello 안녕하세요!"). Your feedback is invaluable and we're always grateful for the input.