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How to Study Korean with 

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Let's start with the obvious: learning Korean isn't easy. It takes a lot of discipline to study regularly, and maintaining that level of effort is an accomplishment in its own right.

Our job at Essential Korean is normally to provide the best content possible to complement your efforts, whether it's through our Podcast or our Targets and Courses, but we hope to go a little further with this page. 

Besides a few general tips with learning Korean, here is our recommendation on how to use Essential Korean to its maximum potential. This isn't a quick read, and requires you to actively plan, but we promise it'll be worth it in the long run. Let's jump right into it!

General Tips with Learning Korean

1) Enjoy it!

  • Whether you're learning Korean for work, personal affairs, or your own entertainment, try not to take the process too seriously and have fun with it! We include this as the first tip to set the tone for how to treat the learning process, as it's all too easy to get caught up in viewing learning as a chore rather than an opportunity to be excited about.

2) No profanity or age restricted material.

  • Our second tip is more practical

3) No solicitation.

  • Commercial advertising of any kind is liable to have the advertiser banned.

4) Keep discussions on topic.

  • This also extends to post creation: a question on the podcast should not be asked in the Courses category of the forum.

Most of all, enjoy yourselves! Learning Korean should be fun. :)

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