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Essential Korean Community Guidelines

At Essential Korean, maintaining a supportive and safe community is important to us, which means establishing a few ground rules for rules and etiquette. Please review and abide by the following rules:

Forum Rules and Etiquette

1) Be respectful.

  • Simple and easy. Treat others how you would like to be treated!

2) No profanity or age restricted material.

  • This falls in line with being respectful and keeping our forums safe for all.

3) No solicitation.

  • Commercial advertising of any kind is liable to have the advertiser banned from our website.

4) Keep discussions on topic.

  • This also extends to post creation: select an appropriate category, visible in the top left corner of the forum, relevant to your question.

5) Please note that the number of questions one student can ask per
    week is seven questions.

  • To ensure the quality of answers, we've set the number of questions one person can ask per week to seven questions. 

Most of all, enjoy yourselves! Learning Korean should be fun. :)

**Anyone in violation of these rules is subject to immediate removal from the membership and our community.

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