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Frequently Asked Questions

About Essential Korean

Q: Who runs Essential Korean?

Ans: Teacher Kay is the content director of You can learn more about her on the About page. In addition, our team is growing with talented individuals with a passion for helping others learn Korean and the culture. They work with Teacher Kay to build a learning community of global learners and help them achieve their goals!

Q: What does Essential Korean offer to those who want to study Korean?

Ans: Essential Korean has much content for you to explore!


In the Learn section of our website, you'll find Targets for those who want to focus on a specific part of the Korean language. You can choose from Han'Geul, Vocabulary, Phrases, Conversation, and Grammar.  For those who want a holistic curriculum that integrates all Targets components, explore the Courses we offer. Kindly take note of the Targets and Courses you'll be able to access depending on different membership plans. Head to the EK Membership section to learn more!

We also have our free Essential Korean podcasts where Teacher Kay teaches Korean step-by-step for true beginners.  Check out the podcast episodes here! You can also find our podcasts on any major podcasting apps like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. 

We are constantly developing resources and continue to add to our current content,  so check our website regularly!

About EK

Learning Korean with us

Q: How do I start learning Korean?

Ans: If you are a beginner without any prior knowledge, here's what we suggest:  


- Essential Korean Podcast would be an excellent starting point. No grammar or writing is required. Just listen and follow along! Lesson notes and their transcript accompany each podcast episode, so make use of them for your study! You can specifically check out Episode 31  to get some tips & tricks in effectively learning the Korean language :)


- Choose one of the Phrases in the Target section, which does not require any grammar or knowledge in the Korean writing system. With the programs with which you can learn to use essential Korean phrases, familiarize yourself with the rhythm of the spoken language at ease right away!


- Simultaneously, you can start learning the Korean alphabet system with our Han'Geul lesson. 

- Then, you can take our Courses in sequence presented in the full curriculum. These courses cover the content for beginning to advanced levels taught at the university level.

Learning Korean

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