Lesson 1 |  Basic Useful Expressions
Conversation 1

At the airport, in the baggage claim area: Brian and Susie just got off the long flight from New York JFK to Incheon Int'l airport, Korea. They go to the baggage claim area, pick up a cart and move toward the revolving belt to retrieve their luggage. While maneuvering the cart, Brian accidently hits the cart and carry-on luggage of a Korean couple.

Lesson 1: Basic Useful Expressions
Conversation 2

At the airport, in the welcoming area: With their luggage placed on the cart, Brian and Susie go through customs and finally go out the door to the waiting area. They look around, looking for Miss HyeJung Lee and Mr. JinWoo Park with whom they have corresponded via numerous emails, phone calls, and video conferences. They see a man and a woman in their 20s to 30s, waving at them with big smiles. Brian and Susie immediately recognize them and walk toward them.

Lesson 1: Basic Useful Expressions
Conversation 3

At a residence hotel, a temporary housing, which the company has prearranged: All four—Brian, Susie, HyeJung and JinWoo—have arrived at a residence hotel where Brian and Susie will stay until they find permanent housing. After they check in and put their luggage in their rooms, they go down to the cafe in the lobby to wind down. JinWoo has just joined the table after finishing a call outside.